Visitor's Access

The museum design offers two main traffic paths for visitors:

Traffic within the museum: Visitor traffic will begin at the external access plaza and lead into the entrance into the foyer. The various functions, including the museum itself with its exhibition spaces, the internal patio, and the sculpture garden will branch off from the foyer. The exhibition spaces will be arranged in circular form around the internal patio. Visitor traffic around the galleries will be conducted around the patio, whereby the galleries themselves create not only an internal course connecting them, but also the possibility to enjoy the open patio.

Visitor traffic outside the museum/random visitor traffic: The structure will allow the traffic of passers-by, continuing the urban-cultural access from the East to the West. This axis will traverse the double space of the foyer and offer a view into the internal patio without the need to enter the museum. Located on the extension of the axis will be the educational wing, the museum roof, and the café overlooking the landscape.